world’s best sago brand

Sago/ Sabudhana is the most preferred food during fasting (upvas/vrat) in many parts of India. Not only because it is a non-grain food, because it also gives instant energy to the devotee. Sabudhana is packed with carbohydrates, which provides the essential energy while fasting. Also, as it is obtained from Tapioca, which is unadulterated, it is permissible to have Sabudhana during fasting/upvas.

We are a renowned sago manufacturer in India and we strive to become the World’s best Sago brand. Our Sago is 100% Natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals such as bleach. Our production process is entirely quality controlled in each step and does not compromise with hygienic aspects at any stage.Our Sabudhana renders the perfect dish for fasting, which takes less time to cook and tastes delicious.Our efforts to become the World’s best Sago brand is backed up by our determination to procure, process and supply Sabudhana in the best way possible.

worlds best sago brand