world’s best sabudhana brand

Sabudhana could easily be one of the super healthy and super delicious food to be had in many parts of India and Abroad. India is the largest manufacturer of Sabudhana, which is also known as Sago, Saggubiyyam, Shaabakki or Javvarisi.These shiny pearls are produced from high-quality Tapioca starch, which is carefully procured from finest sources. Sago/ Sabudhana is Vegan and Gluten-free, and hence it is preferred by many.


We are one of Asia’s largest manufacturer of Sabudhana with ISI Certification for Sabudhana production. Our unsullied production process makes for our efforts, which is focused towards becoming the World’s best Sabudhana brand.Our production process involves using only the edible root of Tapioca, while discarding the inner and outer skin, which gives the desired color for the Sago pearls without using any chemicals. This makes it a healthier choice even more.

worlds best sabudhana brand