Why choose Varalakshmi Sabudana

Sales Strength

  • Shri Varalakshmi Company is having a very Strong Dealer Network consisting of more than 400 dealers all over India.

  • Shri Varalakshmi Company is the Largest Supplier of Deluxe Nylon Sabudana to all Major Namkeen manufacturers in India.

  • Shri Varalakshmi Company has been associated with Modern Firms like Walmart, Reliance, Metro etc., for the sale of its Sabudana and its Fried items.

  • Shri Varalakshmi Company has touched a Sales Turn over of Rs.200 Crores in the year 2016.

  • Fried Item Division of Shri Varalakshmi alone will cross an estimated Turn over of Rs.100 Crores by 2018.

  • Shri Varalakshmi Company’s strength is clearly evident in its sales figure. It has sold over 14000 Tonnes (Nearly 155000 bags of 90 kg each) from Shraavan to Navratri (i.e From July to September 2016). Especially during Navratri (i.e September 2016) it has sold about 5000 Tonnes (Nearly 56000 bags of 90 kg each). This clearly shows Shri Varalakshmi’s aggressive nature in sales and financial capabilities.

  • Shri Varalakshmi has projected its sales volume to increase by at least 15 to 20 % on a yearly basis owing to its new product development and entrance into unexplored areas. Shri Varalakshmi Company strongly believes in commitment hence this robust growth will be continued in the coming years also.

  • Shri Varalakshmi Company’s major strength is its retail marketing comprising of crores and crores of satisfied end customers for decades.

Production Strength

  • Shri Varalakshmi Company is the Firstcompany to acquire ISI Certification for Sabudana.

  • Shri Varalakshmi Company uses completely de-skinned Tapioca Tuber for its production, giving its Sabudana a consistent colour.

  • Shri Varalakshmi Company uses R.O water for its Sago manufacturing process.

  • Shri Varalakshmi Company is the only manufacturing unit in India having a fully automated, imported plant using SCADA System of operation.

  • Shri Varalakshmi Company Manufactures Sabudana using a system which produces Sabudana in 6 hours lead time. Shri Varalakshmi is the only company in India having this type of manufacturing process.(In general Sabudana manufacturing requires 3-4 days)

  • The company adopts advanced manufacturing process which prevents any Microbial Contamination activity in the process (i.e., Bacterial formation)

  • Shri Varalakshmi Sabudana is free from Maize adulteration, and usage of harmful chemicals like bleach /whitening agents.

  • Shri Varalakshmi Sabudana’s colour and taste are Natural.

  • Irrespective of season, bulk or small orders, Shri Varalakshmi Company can maintain uniform quality of Sabudana through out the year.

  • The preparation time (soaking time) required for Shri Varalakshmi Sabudana is very less. It requires only 20 minutes soaking in water. Whereas other normal Sabudana requires overnight soaking. .(For detailed preparation method, please refer the backside of the pack)

  • Shri Varalakshmi Company is having a crushing capacity of 550 metric tonnes of Tapioca Tubers per day and a Production capacity of 130 metric tonnes per day of finished product Sabudana.

  • Shri Varalakshmi’s Fried item Division is having a production capacity of 30 metric tonnes of Pappad per day.

Our Motto

Shri Varalakshmi Company believes that Quality food is the root cause of human health. Shri Varalakshmi is consistently striving to supply more and more improved good quality products manufactured as per customer’s requirements in a highly hygienic environment. For maintaining the Sanctity of fasting, Sabudana and Sabudana Pappad manufactured by Shri Varalakshmi Company are guaranteed for consumption during fasting.

Varalakshmi Sabudana – We are ISI certified manufacturers following efficient Sago Processing practices to provide Sago products without any contamination.