Upvas special Papad Manufacturer

During fasting, one has to follow certain practices in order to fulfill the fasting with utmost reverence. The devotees have to avoid consuming non-vegetarian food, alcohol and the most important one, consume food prepared hygienically that is devoid of common salt and spices. Sabudana is more commonly consumed during fasting, because they give instant energy as they are packed with nutrition (avoiding higher calorie intake), there are no additives and they are also non-grain foods.


To preserve the sacredness of fasting (upvas) and to give those devotees an option to have a tastier and healthier snack, we have come up with Upvas Special Papad (Appalam). Our special Papad (Appalam) is acceptable to be consumed during fasting; because, instead of the common salt, it is made using Rock Salt (Sendha Namak).   Moreover, considering the prerequisite, Upvas Special Papad (Appalam) is manufactured in extremely hygienic conditions and painstaking quality control measures are applied throughout the manufacturing process.