About Sabudana

About Sabudana

Sago is processed from the root crop called Tapioca. Other names for this root crop are Yucca and Cassava.

The Process

Tapioca is crushed with water and the pulp is extracted. After thorough washing, the starch is extracted and converted into small globules. These globules are either roasted or boiled as per the requirement and then dried. The roasted globules are called Super Sabudana or Normal Sabudana, whereas the boiled globules are called Nylon Sabudana.

Uniqueness of Shri Varalakshmi Sabudana:

Shri Varalakshmi processes the tapioca tubers in unique way that renders its final products a unique superior quality when compared with the others:

The secret of the uniqueness lies in the peeling process,
In the peeling process the complete thin outer skin and thick inner skin are removed, these parts are usually not edible and also render the final product not only with undesirable colour but also with toxic hydrogen cyanides.
In order to make the colour desirable many industries are using bleaching chemicals making the product even more toxic
We at Shri Varalakshmi Company are very stringent on this and never compromise in the peeling process that is usually not followed in many other processing units. This aspect makes our product unique with a desirable colour, good taste and superior quality free from toxic chemicals.

Being aware of the Tapioca Sago Health Benefits, we produce Sago by processing only the edible parts of Tapioca, which eliminates the need for bleaching.