Sabudana Papad Manufacturers in India, Tamil Nadu

Sabudana Papad, a crunchy, tasty treat had with meals during lunch or dinner or can be had whenever we feel like it. At Shri Varalakshmi Sago, Sago, Papad, Sabudana Papad and all other products are produced using premium quality raw materials, under the most hygienic conditions and goes through meticulous quality control checks, which results in tasty, healthy, hygienic food product which becomes everyone’s favorite. The sago we use for Sabudana Papad is procured from our very own unit. Hence, there is no uncertainty in the quality of our product.


Sabudana Papad is definitely a most indulgent snack or side dish for kids and adults. The crispiness and the taste aspect is tempting for the foodies as well as others. Moreover, the goodness of Sabudana makes it a healthier snack for the growing kids. Thus, we take care in maintaining consistent quality and taste in our products.Our extensive range of Papads include: Masala Papad, Hot Red Chilli, Tangy Tomato, Traditional Garlic, Chilli and cumin and Sizzling Pepper.