Pappad manufacturers

People believe that as generation changes people needs and their preference in various factors also changes, although these changes can be seen to be going in the wrong side.

Our company doesn’t necessarily believe that people’s palates have changed no matter how much the world changes. The reason is quite simple. We have been in business for over decades now and we know just how our consumers taste in our products have evolved rather than changing completely.

Being Pappad manufacturers for a long time we have realized that people’s palate have evolved but not changed. They seek different kinds of flavor which we create with much enthusiasm. These golden crunches haven have a long history with our tradition as well.

That is why we take utmost care to produce them as crunchy and crispy as possible.Because we at Shri Varalakshmi know that at the end of the day people in India love to enjoy modern things but will never compromise their tradition especially when it comes to food. And that’s why we are famed to be top ranked when it comes to Pappad manufacturers.