Founders Message

Shri Varalakshmi Company was established in 1984 and since our inception we have grown quickly. We have:

  • Concentrated on developing long-lasting relationships with our suppliers and customers — many of whom have been with us since our inception.

  • Attracted a team of experienced, bright and dedicated people to our share our work.

  • Emphasized food safety and quality incompliance with statutory standards.

  • Focused on doing what was right for both our suppliers and our customers.

  • Developed extensive knowledge in our key markets: industrial, food service and retail.

We have stood by these principles since the beginning and they continue to propel our accomplishments. Our business is a challenging and ever-changing one. Every step of the way, from farm to processing plant to customer, demands an exacting level of attention from every team member. Every employee plays a critical role in the successful delivery of our products.

We take pride in producing products of unsurpassed quality, as well as developing unique products to fill the needs of the consumer.
We’re proud of what we have accomplished and gratified to have colleagues, suppliers and customers that make our work so rewarding. As we open new markets throughout India, we’re looking forward to reaching even more customers.

We are one of the leading Sabudana and Papad Manufacturers in India. Our products comply with highest quality Standards and deliver Natural taste for the Consumers.