Appalam manufacturers in India

Shri Varalakshmi have been in business for decades now and are still being number one when it comes to satisfying the customer’s needs. As the time changed the way people think and behave also changed but the only thing that remains unchanged till now is their taste in delicious foods. By keeping this in our mind we provide services for thousands of customers all across India and have reached where we are right now.

We manufacture our products by keeping our customer needs in our mind and try to meet their level of expectation by making our products traditionally and also filled with fantastic taste. Because of this we are now famed as the largest appalam manufacturers in India.

When we started our business we believed that we can reach out to thousands of people with our flavor and today we have achieved it by becoming top appalam manufacturers in India and now we have set our goal to make our brand as one of the leading company in the whole of India and with enough hard work we achieve it one day.