Smt. Lakshmi Ammal
Shri. R.Varadharaja Gounder
(Founders of Shri Varalakshmi Group of Companies)

True Founders

Thiru. R. Varadaraja Gounder and Smt Lakshmi Ammal,
The founders of Shri Varalakshmi Group of Companies were from an agricultural background. They started a small sabudana manufacturing unit in 1971 with an initial capacity of 2 metric tonnes per day.

Current Management

Shri V.Sundaresan took over the management of the company after the demise of his father in 1984, and ensured that high technological developments revailed over every process in the industry thus bringing the production to 130 metric tonnes of finished goods per day and also ensured that the sales grew manifolds across whole Indian Markets. Shri V.Sundaresan in his early thirties, wanted to reach all the stores all over India that were untouched by competitors. Hence, he travelled the length and breadth of the country, appointing efficient dealers at all locations. His hard work and determination created the foundation on which the company has grown leaps and bounds. Today hundreds of dealers across India look up to Varalakshmi as their own brand and family. He took the most important decision of his life in the year 2007 when he decided to associate with GEA Westfalia GmbH, Germany as his sole technological partner to upgrade his Industry. By this he was able to cut down the lead time for the manufacture of Sabudana to one day.In general Sabudana manufacturing requires 3-4days). He owes his success to his wife Smt.S.Tamilarasi for her steadfast dedication and support in Quality Control and Accountancy during his journey.

Shri V.Sundaresan C.M.D

Shri S.Vimalkumar J.M.D

Shri.S.Vimalkumar, J.M.D and Son of Shri V. Sundaresan took over the affairs of the company after completing his Mechanical Engineering in the year 2011 and followed his father’s footsteps in bringing up a completely automated system in the Production of Sabudana by reducing the manufacturing lead time from 1 day to a mere 6 hours process. This ensured consistent quality of the end product. As a True believer in retail marketing (i.e., consumer packing), he ensured that every product manufactured inside the industry is sold in retail segment. Also he spearheads the company’s value added segment such as pappads and other fried items as he believes in creating value for the future. He owes his progress, strength and success to his team . He provides freedom, and support for his team to obtain an extraordinary outcome. With his team, he believes that the Fried items division of Varalakshmi alone will achieve the estimated production of 20 to 30 metric tonnes per day by 2017.